These Experiments

1989 – 16mm film and digital video. Colour and B/W. 3.5 min.

A movement of portrait studies and dance as experimental music video, shot on a 16mm Bolex camera with video processing. Music written and performed by filmmaker Edie Steiner, Malcolm Lewis and Chip Yarwood. Featuring a performance by lyrical dancer Leslie Ann Coles.

Genres & Themes: Performance Video. Experimental. Independent.

Distribution: Extra Sensory Productions Inc.


Featured performers: Leslie Ann Coles, Joanne Hovey, Fred Spek, Edie Steiner.

Director, Producer: Edie Steiner
Cinematography: Edie Steiner, Rie Koko, Fred Spek, Paul Till
Editor: Wheazelizard
Original Music: Edie Steiner, Malcolm Lewis, Chip Yarwood
Music performed by: Edie Steiner, Malcolm Lewis, Chip Yarwood, Christian Thielan
Music produced by: Chip Yarwood


Female Eye Film Festival, 2001
Arcadia Art Gallery, 2000

BROADCAST: MuchMusic channel: Indie Street.


Lack of protocol
Former roles
Your existence is fiction, believe it
Don’t mind me, I’m only hoping
Wishes purify the strategy, come pass the fire
How can you justify those voices that you put on
Does your spirit really see?
Still waters run deep
You call these experiments
Nothing new happens in the superficial
Your power runs after you, but you never see that
Watch out, it might grab you
And when remarkable events occur
Do you blame it on lack of protocol, former roles?
How can you justify…

All lyrics & music copyrighted & registered with SOCAN.