Roses Are Blue

1996 – 16mm, digital. Colour. 20 min.

A short dramatic film combining elements of science fiction with postmodern relationship drama in an unstable landscape of late 1990s millennial angst.

Genres & Themes: Drama. Independent, Women, Relationships, Spirituality.

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Filmmakers Co-operative, NY
Extra Sensory Productions Inc.


Featuring: Yolande Julian, Marcia Johnson, J. Brian McDonald, Robert Eaton and George Higton

Writer, Director, Producer: Edie Steiner
Associate Producer: Al Maciulis, Fearless Films
Director of Photography: Donna Mobbs
Production Designer: Naomi McCormack
Costume Designer: Martine Matthews, Xiphotek
Editor: Karen Lawrie
Original Music: David Logan
Additional Music: Chip Yarwood, Edie Steiner
Sound Edit and Mix: Robb Wright, Dr. Dog Productions

Produced as a LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto) Co-production and with the assistance of the National Film Board of Canada (PAFPS).


Jury Prize: 1999 Glebe Scenefest, Australia


WTN (Women’s Television Network)

Music from the film: