10th Annual Video Poetry Festival, Athens

This month I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Annual Video Poetry Festival,  organized by The Institute for Experimental Arts, in Athens, Greece. The festival programmed my short film poem, temporal assemblages (2022) and it had a fabulous lineup of film and video projects, live performances, workshops and talks, poetry readings – a fun-filled four days with great people and an open and friendly vibe. I met people from many countries and enjoyed walking around the ancient city with its centuries of ruins counterpoised with miles of colourful graffiti, some of it quite beautiful.

Retrospective at 20th annual Female Eye Film Festival

The 20th Annual Female Eye Film Festival features a retrospective of my films over 2 screenings, and images from my series Women Watching Water in the photography component of the festival. Here is a link to my screenings in the festival program:

EDIE STEINER, A SHORT FILM RETROSPECTIVE AND ARTIST TALK June 10, 4PM Cinema 5, TIFF Bell Lightbox. A conversation with Edie Steiner to follow the screening. Moderated by Leslie-Ann Coles, FeFF Artistic Director.

film screenings

My film, Borderland Memories, is screening online this month at Vox Popular Media Arts Festival from September 16-26, 2021.

Upcoming next is Indigo Moon Film Festival streaming online from October 8-15, 2021.

Borderland Memories is a 1-hour documentary merging the filmmaker’s family history in the post-WW2 forced migrations in Eastern Europe with contemporary discourses around immigration, kinship, and belonging.

another film festival

I’ve always wanted to participate in the Ethnografilm Festival, which is usually held in Paris in April, and this year my film Borderland Memories was accepted. But due to the pandemic the festival decided to postpone until 2022 rather than go online at this time, so that it can once again be held at the Théâtre Lepic in Montmartre. How possible will this be in another year? Overseas travel seems like a dream now and my loved ones there speak with uncertainty of our future reunions.

new streaming channel: ResearchTV

I’ve added some of my older documentaries to this new online channel – ResearchTV, a peer-reviewed media platform for sharing knowledge through film.

My films Northland: Long Journey and Conversations on the Lake are available here in the section Social Sciences and Humanities: http://Virtual.researchTV.ca

Conversations on the Lake is a featured film in this first issue of the Guide:

new film: Borderland Memories (2020)

At the end of this tumultuous year I finally completed my film, Borderland Memories, in progress since I first visited the ancestral village of my father’s family, formerly Ludwigsdorf, Germany, now called Ludwikowice, Poland. Over several journeys to various locations in Poland and Germany, I filmed places, visited archives, and met with scholars, artists, and cultural workers in Europe and North America. My research in 2018 and post-production in 2020 was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. The result is a one-hour documentary essay film, distributed by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC).

Go to film page: https://ediesteiner.com/films-2/borderlandfilm

collaborative project – EXC-19

In the spring of this year as the pandemic forced us inside, filmmaker Midi Onodera invited me to participate in this participatory arts project, based on the Surrealist game The Exquisite Corpse. Each video has 4 participating artists, one each for text, image, editing and sound design. I decided to work on all 4 parts, and these and more than 60 other short films, produced by over 100 artists, can be seen on this website:     https://exc-19.com/

Toronto, April 2020

filmmaking in lockdown time

Berlin, 2018

Just days into the Covid-19 lockdown, I learned that I was fortunate to receive Canada Council for the Arts funding to support the post-production phase of my digital film project, Borderland Memories, a work in progress since 2015.  I began working with my sound and picture editing collaborators via Zoom and other online platforms, and the process of editing and audio production became a slow meditation in the restructured perception of time generated by social distancing. Online work time is both more compacted and more fragmented, producing a continual reassessment of the themes I am expressing for the future screen. What will the stories I’ve been exploring in this film for the past five years mean in the larger post-pandemic histories to come? Two years ago, I was in Berlin at this time, doing archival research at the German Historical Museum, filming in the city and in places along the German/Polish border, meeting with colleagues in the Silesian countryside and in the city of Wroclaw. Although I had gathered enough material to construct my film when travel options ended, I was hoping to return to Europe this spring for some final research and image production. Now I wonder what film festivals and screenings will be like in times ahead, and what are the ethics of future travel – for work, for time with loved ones abroad, to reach into a wider world.

Berlin, 2018