Recently I’ve turned to film and video poetry as a means of synthesizing my interests in writing, filmmaking, and voice. I love the freedom of performing my own camera and editing work without the pressures of fundraising involved in creating larger film projects or art gallery exhibitions. My research into global film/video poetry communities and venues inspires me to make new work in this field. In 2022 my experimental cine-poem, temporal assemblages, was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the 20th Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, and that year also awarded a Special Mention at the 10th International Video Poetry Festival, in Athens, Greece. I’ve since completed two new film poems, featuring my spoken word texts with music by my longtime collaborator, Malcolm Lewis. 

3 short films about love is triptych of three short pieces, each about a minute in length, exploring moods generated by the transitory nature of love.

What Remains combines images from my Super-8 film work with recent digital recordings. Images from large scale public art spectacles perform ecological settings and the poem questions the role of human capital in constructing our histories.

music channel on SoundCloud

For many years I’ve recorded music for my films and sometimes for live performance projects, beginning with film performances at The Funnel. For a history of The Funnel collective and its artists, see Mike Hoolboom’s research project, which includes my interview and many others:

Here is a sample collection of recordings: produced in collaboration with Canadian artists Chip Yarwood, Malcolm Lewis, Michael Phillip Wojewoda, and Australian composers Colin Offord and Daniel Rojas. Among my published works is the text for Colin Offord’s Bold New Strategies Suite (EMI International, 1999). Here is Colin in concert, performing Part 1, “I See A Journey”: